Is IPED accredited or recognized by NAB - National Accreditation Board, Ghana?

IPED UK is the first professional UK institute to be accredited/recognized by the National Accreditation Board, NAB, Ghana to deliver professional, knowledge based Oil and Gas Management courses from Level 4 Diploma to Level 6 Graduate Diploma.

Current NAB recognition status = Expired (refer to evidence). Steps are being taken to renew it.

We are currently taking the necessary steps to renew our NAB recognition. We like to advise all stakeholders bear with us as we work through the new requirements requested of us from the NAB.

Below are documentary evidence relating to our NAB accreditation/recognition.

*NAB recognition letter 2016 to 2020

*NAB recognition letter 2012 to 2016 Part 1

*NAB recognition letter 2012 to 2016 Part 2

It is worth noting that IPED courses were specifically developed in consultation with the NAB in 2011/2012 and are still fit for purpose. We, therefore, pride ourselves on being a legitimate professional education provider.

Documentary evidence:

Our current UK recognition

The Institute for Professional and Executive Development (IPED) – UK is recognized in the UK by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). TQUK is an awarding organization recognized by the regulator. IPED – UK courses will be endorsed in the UK by TQUK. There is arrangement for TQUK to issue certificates to eligible IPED – UK learners. TQUK and IPED-UK certification will present a unique learning and awarding experience to IPED – UK students, as two experienced educational organizations (IPED – UK & TQUK) will be involved in the learning and assessment processes. Our TQUK reference number is: C001375.

*

* Our history and more (NOTE: this will open a different page. It is not a file. It is another webpage).

Please note that:

IPED is not a university, nor a university college. We offer single subjects with the option of consolidation. We do not issue Degrees. Our group diplomas are degree equivalent, not degrees.